Z-495 EHT, i-phone style, 5 modes, EM-Marine, HID Prox II, T5557, 125kHz

Electronic lock Z-495 EHT – A contactless reader, combined with an independent controller and electromechanical lock. The lock is powered by 4 NR 1.5V AA batteries. The Z-495 EHT is compact in size; features an internal clock; offers a large selection of modes of operation; and provides ease of installation, programming and maintenance. The Z-495 EHT is an ideal access control solution for various storage scenarios, including: lockers, changing rooms, office furniture and business equipment. Particularly widespread use of this electronic lock at such facilities as: spas, water parks, fitness centres and swimming pools.

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Electronic lock Z-495 EHT can be installed on a stand-alone entity, or can be integrated into an existing access control system through ID or SDK for use as part of an integrated security system at the facility.

“Fitness” mode – allows any key to be used with any free locker but then binds a specific key to the chosen lock.

“Logic” mode – has the same functionality of Fitness mode above but additionally records and tracks the key and locker details as well and the level of battery charge. This is very useful in cases where the user has forgotten which locker they selected. “Logic” mode allows you to monitor the number of lockers occupied and by which keys, provides computer records and enables remote resetting of the locks as required.

“Normal” mode – the traditional mode to lock the controller. Here the lock can only be opened by the key(s) listed in the lock memory (maximum 24 items).

“Deposit Box” mode – a mode that simulates the logic of the safety deposit box. To open the lock, all the keys recorded in the controller base (maximum 24 items) need to be presented to bring the lock on line .

“Custom” mode – is the mode that can be implemented for a specific task. To do this, you must describe the desired operating mode and then a special firmware can be developed on the application (firmware). Updating the firmware on the lock is done by means of an RF-1996 adapter.


Additional information

Dimensions 135 × 64 × 26 mm


Controller type


Operation frequency

125 KHz

Reader standart

EM Marine, Temic , HID ProxCard II

Operation modes


Keys count


Master keys count


Power supply

4 x 1.5V AA Batteries

Emergency power supply

External power module

Non-volatile memory (EEPROM)


Reading range (cm)


Current consumption (A)




Visual indication

1 x 2-colored LED

Operating temperature (C)


Case material

Metal, ABS polymer

Reader unit dimensions (mm)


Lock unit dimensions (mm)



Screw and Screw-nut


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