24 Hours Access – Gyms and Health Clubs


If you are a gym owner looking towards the advantages of 24/7 operations but are put off by the high initial costs associated with set up then look no further. We at IRONLOGIC AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd have developed an integrated access control solution that will work together with your existing Mindbody membership management software. If your not a Mindbody customer and are happy with your existing platform don’t worry, we are ready to tailor a 24/7 solution for you. For existing Mindbody customers or for those ready to make the switch our solution is developed, tested and ready to facilitate real and inexpensive change in your business today.


mindbodyironlogicMindBody Online is an innovative membership software platform that is designed with a simple user interface that is backed with huge features and functionality, including: impressive marketing tools, staff resources, detailed customisable reports and even an online booking system for classes.

In combination with MindBody Online an IronLogic access control solution can now be integrated to provide, not a just a simple access control system but a fully automated security system which covers every aspect of your sites security and safety. This means that your gym can be a 24 hour facility enjoying both the feature backed software of MindBody Online and the reliability and service of an IRONLOGIC access control system.

If you are interested in converting your existing gym using MindBody Online to a 24 hour facility or if you are a new gym looking to start in the 24 hour market, contact us today. Ask us how we are able to ensure your sites security while reducing your running costs and increasing both revenues and your customers overall experience.

24 Hours Integrated Access Control Pricing Guide:

From as little as only $150 per month* with no locking contracts and no initial outlay for access control equipment and software you can convert your gym into a 24/7 facility.