Design and production

This package includes all the services required to develop an electronic product beginning with developing its concept and design and ending with construction of a check sample approved by the customer. The development may consider both in-house manufacturing for small and medium runs and location of manufacturing in Asia. We can provide products certification.

Developing idea to solution
Circuit development
Develpment of FirmWare
for microcontrollers
Development of casing
PCB develpment
Testing of samples
Preparing documentation for further production

This package includes services required to produce a batch of standard and special electronic products in specified quantities and in accordance with customer quality standards.

Development of technological process
Ordering of materials
Quality control of incomming materials
Picking up of elements for PCB
Quality control of produced module
Assembling of unit
Quality control of assembled unit
Packing and labeling

In some cases the customer’s requirements are so specific that it is reasonable to use separate services instead of buying a standard package of services for contractual development and manufacturing of electronic components. This ensures the best price-quality-terms relationship in order to meet the requirement of your company taking into consideration the characteristics of a specific product.
Ordering process


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