Ticketing systems

Ticketing controller with reader Mifare 13.56 MHz
Type: Matrix-III Net


+ Quick installation and connection
+ Flexibility of use
+ Ticket types delivered from the factory:
+ – Time interval – the start time and end time
+ – Floating interval – the time from the first access
+ – The number of access – the maximum number of accesses
+ – Lending – the number of accesses after the main account.
+ – Priorities – to remove some or all of the restrictions on access
+ Use to pay for goods in the machine
+ Use for sale at:
+ – While hold the card – time-based billing
+ – The number of card presenting times
+ Amending and supplementing the logic

Technical specification:

Hardware encryption Mifare
Internal programming language
Built-in clock and calendar
FET transistor outputs: 1-current switching up to 5A
Number of cards: Unlimited
Number of recorded events: 4000
Network Mode: Yes
Standalone: yes
Communication protocol controllers: RS485
The number of controllers in the network (max): 255
Communication rate: 19200 bod/57600bod
The maximum line length: 1200m
Stand-alone programming: yes
Dining: 12V DC, 300mA
Case Material: ABS plastic
Colour: dark gray metallic
Sound / light indication: buzzer, two-color LED
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C
Size (mm): 115х75х22


Product is intended to build on the cards Mifare 1k (Mifare 4k) of local and / or network of payment systems, which serve as a card of electronic wallet. Matrix-III Net is designed specifically to serve the ticket controller with all the features and benefits of the company’s technology Mifare NXP (Philips). Internal programming language allows you to specify the logic of payment, write-offs, indication and activation key executive. Configuration (parameters and program) is written to the controller on the network (RS485) or by using the card initialization.