Z-2 Base for direct programming of Z-5R or Matrix II K

Z-2 Base adapter allows you to transfer the keys base from a PC via a pin socket to the Z-5R and Matrix IIK controllers and back to the PC. It records the key base to the DS1996L for further transfer to Z-5R and Matrix II K controllers and then back to the key from the controllers memory.

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When external reader connecting to the Z-2 Base adapter via iButton (1-Wire) or Wiegand 26 protocols you can send key numbers to the PC in real-time mode. You can connect an external controller of any manufacturer that supports iButton (1-Wire) or Wiegand 26 protocols for the transferring of the keys base from the controller to the PC and from the PC to the controller. Management of the controller is achieved by commands from the PC, management of devices is possible with varying logic levels.

Z-2 Base adapter can operate in COM-port mode or keyboard emulation mode for sending card numbers to the PC active window using a HID protocol.

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 65 × 18 mm

Standalone controllers programming

Connection type


RS-485 connection speed

115200 Kbps

Connecting controllers protocol

iButton (1-Wire), Wiegand-26

Controller memory backup and restore using DS1996 key


USB connection

USB Type B

USB speed

Full speed

USB operational mode


Maximum distance from the adapter to PC (m)



12V AC

Current consumption (mA)


Operating temperature (C)


Case material

ABS polymer


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