Matrix IV Wood

Type: Matrix IV Wood


+ An easy way to put your logo on the body of the client
+ Case solid walnut
+ Simultaneously supports two protocols (EM Marine, HID)
+ Quick installation and connection
+ Integration of network and stand-alone systems


Technical specification:

Operating frequency: 125 KHz Card Reader & keyfobs standard: HID ProxCard II, EM Marine Reading range: 6-14 cm Power supply: 8 – 18 V DC Current consumption: 50mA (max) Sound / light indication: buzzer, two-color LED External control of the LED and sound Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +50 ° C Case Material: solid walnut Colour: dark walnut, light walnut Output Interface: Wiegand 26, Dallas Touch Memory (emulation DS1990A) The maximum line length from the reader to the controller:    – Using the DS1990A, no more, 15m    – Using Wiegand, no more than 100m Size (mm):110х44х22