CP-Z2MF embedded

The smallest Mifare 13.56 mHz embedded reader


+ Small dimensions
+ Vandal proof housing
+ Moisture-and dust-proof case
+ Quick installation and connection
+ Low price




Technical specification:

Operating frequency: 13.56 mHz
Operations with cards, keyfobs: Mifare classic,
Reading range: 3-6 cm
Power supply: 8 – 18 V DC
Current consumption: 35mA (max)
Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +50 ° C
Body material: polyamide-6
Color: Black
Output interface: Dallas Touch Memory (emulation DS1990A)
The maximum line length from the reader to controller: 15m
Size (mm): D26XH22


Case CP-Z2MF made ​​of mechanically strong and heat-resistant material and repeats the form of contact for key DALLAS. This allows the CP-Z2MF in or stand-alone access control products, instead of conventional contactors DALLAS keys without any design changes or difficulties in installation. All of this will provide users with:
  – Additional service & functional contactless
  – The benefits of non-contact door opening (without taking the key out of your pocket or wallet)
  – Large selection of keys of various shapes and colors, with the opportunity to put your logo.