Matrix IV RF – Keeloq receiver 433,92 MHz, Dallas TM (emulation of DS1990A), Wiegand 26, RS485 – Anticlone Technology

Reader Matrix-IV RF is designed for use in access control systems (ACS) and via remote controls allows you to read numbers and transmit code at a frequency of 433 MHz on the iButton protocol, Wiegand 26 or RS-485 interface. The reader has two channels and any combination of the following options can be set for each channel of the reader:
– Type of the received remote controls: All / only IronLogic (AntiKlon) / not only IronLogic.
– Accepted keychains buttons: Any combination of buttons (eg 1 and 4, only 2, etc).
– Transfer button code with code remote control: On / Off.

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Works with Keeloq standard remote controls at a frequency of 433.92 MHz:
– Adjustable receiver sensitivity
– Technology “AntiKlon” securely prohibits duplicate remote controls (IL-100)
– Two separate custom remote control channel codes provides flexibility and allows adjustment of the system configuration. For example, one reader connected to two controllers can be assigned different remote control buttons on the input and output.
– Availability of a connector for an external antenna
– Moisture and dust-proof housing
– Ability to update the firmware of the reader

Additional information

Dimensions 125 × 75 × 22 mm
Operating frequency

433.92 MHz

Working with remote controls


Range Reader remote controls (type IL-100) on the built-in antenna

up to 50m (depending on reception conditions)

Output interface

Dallas TM h2sht, Wiegand 26 h2sht, RS-485

Maximum length of line from reader to controller

Dallas Touch Memory: less than 15 m. Wiegand: no more than 100 m. RS-485: not more than 1200 m

Connector for external antenna


Power supply

12 – 24V DC

Current consumption


Light and sound indicator


Housing material

Plastic PVC

Operating temperature

-30 ° C to + 40 ° C


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