Matrix-V reader for EM-Marine & Keeloq, Long range >60cm, Dallas TM (emulation of DS1990A), Wiegand 26, RS485, 433,92 MHz & 125 kHz

Reader 125КHz, 433mHz


+ Long range card reader EM-Marine
+ Working with remote control IL-99/100 (Keeloq)
+ Working with remote control CAME Series Top 433.92MHz
+ Watertight enclosure
+ Resistant to vibration and mechanical shock
+ Quick installation and connection
+ Integration of network and stand-alone systems
+ Working with a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal)
+ low price


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Technical specification:

Operating frequency: 125 KHz, 433 MHz
Reading range:
Card EM-Marine (05 ELR) – 0.5 m
Fob IL-99/100 (Keeloq)-up to 10 m
CAME remote key-series Top 433.92MHz – up to 10 m
Supply voltage: 12 V DC
Current consumption: 200mA
Sound / light indication: signal buzzer, two LEDs
Operating temperature: -40 ° C +50 ° C
Output interface: Dallas TM, Wiegand 26, RS-485
The crystal oscillator provides an extended operating temperature range.
Colour: Dark gray
Size (mm):230х230х35


Casing is vandal and weather prove, what in allows Matrix V to be installed on a street. Long range card reader (up to 50 cm.), And radio remote control IL-100 433 MHz (range up to 10 m) provides a convenient service access control for auto-parking and garage cooperatives. Matrix V model is designed to work with online and offline systems.

Set elements:

Reader Matix V – 1pc
card ЕМ-Marine 05 ELR -1pc.
transmitter 433 MHz IL-100 -1pc.
Free software – download PlaceCard

Additional information

Dimensions 230 × 230 × 35 mm