Matrix-IV EH Keys reader for EM-Marine & HID PROX II, keyboard , Dallas TM (emulation of DS1990A), Wiegand 26 125 kHz


+ The elegant caing
+ Flush mounting
+ The keyboard backlight
+ Quick installation and connection
+ Integration of network and stand-alone systems


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Technical specification:

Operating Frequency: 125KHz
Card Reader & tags standard: EM Marine, HID (ProxCARD II)
Reading range: 6-10 cm
Power supply: 8 – 18 V DC
Current consumption: 150mA (max)
Sound / light indication: buzzer, three LEDs
External control of the LED and sound
Operating temperature (in the room): 0 ° C to +50 ° C
Case Material: ABS plastic
Colour: dark gray metallic, bright pearl
Output Interface: Wiegand 26, Dallas Touch Memory (emulation DS1990A)
Size (mm): 106х86х33


Designed to work with online and offline systems, security and access control. Reader Matrix IV EH Keys to the keyboard is used where necessary to ensure passage by card or withou, by simply inserting a PIN number, or shared card + PIN. Data from the keyboard and from the reader are converted to code and passed through a standard outputs Wiegand26, Dallas Touch Memory, which provides compatibility with any existing access control systems.
Show all components of the reader (electronics, keyboard, antenna) are placed in a single package, which will be an elegant addition to any interior.

Additional information

Dimensions 106 × 86 × 33 mm