Base Z5R


+ Intuitive interface
+ supply free of charge
+ Ability to add any language interface
+ Training time 7 minutes (see training video)

Technical specification:

Supports Windows – 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP


BaseZ5R designed to reduce maintenance costs autonomous access control. Used in conjunction with the adapter computer Z-2 base . The use of the adapter and software allows the user database, containing the key number and information relating to it (family, house, street). All information is stored in a file on your computer. If necessary, it is always possible to change (add a key, delete, modify user information.)

Data migration can be done in two ways:
1) Using the transport key DS1996L (presence contactor)
2) With the cable connector on the controller

Works with following hardware:
controller Z-5R
controller Z-5R/5000
controller Matrix II-K
lock Z-7 EHT
lock Z-8 EHT
• lock Eurolock EH

You can download it here BaseZ5Rtv1.27