Z-5R WEB – controller Ethernet / Wi-Fi and 3G

Designed to work in the online and offline access control. Controller with a removable functionality, which is determined during configuration. The controller is able to change depending on the task. To enter the access point configuration allows you to configure the controller from your smartphone.

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Previously, each solution was needed separate type controller, now you need to purchase Z-5R Web and customize for specific tasks. Notes and hints, minimum union conductors at the terminals for ease of installation and maintenance. The presence of two actuators — FETs — ideal for control electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, turnstiles and barriers. Also, in some configurations, is provided to connect the activator, which requires applying a voltage of different polarity for opening and closing.

Having a separate entrance for the fire plume raises fire safety as well as the translation of it into an active state enables unlocking passage regardless of whether communication with the computer. Having the ability to connect to the network, how to use the Ethernet, and via Wi-Fi, it saves on installation network.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 116 × 104 × 37 mm