Matrix-III E+ reader for EM-Marine (working distance >30cm) , Dallas TM (emulation of DS1990A), Wiegand 26, 125 kHz

RFID reader 125KHz


+ Extended range up to 30 cm reading
+ The elegant casing
+ Moisture-and dust-proof case
+ Quick installation and connection
+ Integration of network and stand-alone systems


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Technical specification:

Operating frequency: 125 KHz
Card Reader & keyfobs standard: EM Marine
Reading range: up to 30 cm, depending on the type of card
Power supply: 8 – 18 V DC
Current consumption: 90mA (max)
Sound / light indication: buzzer, two-color LED
External control of the LED and sound
Operating temperature (room): -40 ° C to +50 ° C
Case Material: ABS plastic
Colour: dark gray metallic
Output Interface: Wiegand 26, Dallas Touch Memory (emulation DS1990A)
The maximum line length from the reader to the controller:
– Using the DS1990A, no more, 15m
– Using Wiegand, no more than 100m
Size (mm): 115х75х22


Designed to work with online and offline systems, security and access control. For maximum range of reading, we recommend using cards ЕМ-Marine 05 ELR.

Additional information

Dimensions 115 × 75 × 22 mm