Our Projects

Central Heating System
An automatisation project for Heating Distribution Company.

Establishing automated control over 20 heating distribution points to serve ~200K city residents.
Distribution point controls communicate via secured channels and feed data to centralised operations control centre. The solution provides fully integrated, seamless control and monitoring system to allow changing main system parameters remotely.
Our solution includes automation design, developing applications and configuring communication channels.
The main features includes:

  • Secure Client/Server VPN architecture over 4G mobile networks
  • Lost Control Notification Services with automatic link reset capabilities.
  • Two-way controller communication (meters, smart valves, frequency inverters, soft starts).
  • Automatic alarm notifications: application pop-ups, email, SMS
  • Client/Server software for remote monitoring
  • API to database connectors (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)
  • Highly customizable reporting tool.
  • Integrated Access Control and Management System.
  • Automated preventive and repair maintenance management

Boiler Cascade Control System

Design, develop and install boiler control system to control boiler cascade operation.

The system provides central control and monitoring point and takes control of all functions required for boiler cascade automatic operation. The control system also features configurable notification service to warn about abnormal events during boiler operation.
Main features:

  • Temperature control algorithm adaptable to weather conditions or residents preferences.
  • Automatic boiler operation sequence control for load distribution and more efficient use of boiler operation time.
  • Two-stage and Modulating Burner Combustion Control.
  • Integration to Siemens Burner Controllers for I/O parameter exchange.
  • Secure IP based Client/Server architecture for remote control and monitoring.
  • Customisable automatic notifications via application pop-up windows, email or SMS
  • Automated preventive and repair maintenance management


Carpet Factory Automation

Carpet Factory production automation. The solution controls furnace overall temperature by adjusting operation of each individual modulation burner. It optimises fabric tense, load speed and glue supply to match technological requirements.

Project highlights:

  • Integration of 500+ I/O controllers (both analog and digital)
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Accuracy of control data readings
  • Energy saving optimisation
  • Enhanced reporting tools
  • Customisable automatic notifications via application pop-up windows, emails or SMS


Heiniken® Brewery Boilerhouse Automation

10 tonne per hour steam boilers automation by migrating control logic from relay to programmable logic controllers (PLC).
The main highlights of the project:
PLC Automation of boiler infrastructure including deaerator, steam controllers, meters, water chemical treatment system, valve and temperature controllers

  • Automatic switchover between boilers
  • Cascade Boiler Operation Control
  • Automatic Boiler Load Distribution
  • Web Portal for monitoring and manual control


Public school utility systems automation

Centralized light control for more than 100 classrooms.

Gas, water and sewage management system integration.

Project highlights:

  • Automated light controls based on time of the day, public holidays, day light saving
  • Energy Saving light control solution
  • Light fault monitoring and notification
  • Energy Water Real-time Consumption reports

Sadia® Food factory oil storage automation

Automated oil storage Management System.

Oil inflow and pressure measurement achieved by leveraging Endress + Hauser inflow meters.

Project highlights:

  • Communication-capable measuring points
  • Integration with existing stock inventory tracking system
  • OpenGL 3D technological visualisation
  • Automated preventive and repair maintenance management
  • Automatic alarm notifications (email, SMS)

Water treatment and boiler operation automation
Remote Monitoring and Control of Sewage water treatment and boiler equipment.