Z-1996 for Locks Manager & Hotel, 125 kHz

RF-1996 desktop reader is designed for maintenance of Iron Logic RFID locks and has functions of EM Marine and Temic keys read, Temic keys write and data transfer from the PC to the lock controller, and from the lock controller to PC using the built-in communicator.

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PMS software together with the RF-1996 reader provides the applying of the Iron Logic RFID door locks in the hotels, spas and other objects where you need have issue and accounting of guest and staff keys, which must be protected against loss or copying by the offender.

Locks Manager software together with the RF-1996 reader provides configuration, setting and further use of Iron Logic lockers RFID locks for different storage locations like lockers, dressers, office furniture, trading equipment.

Locks Commander software together with RF-1996 reader is intended for configuration, firmware updates, monitoring and control of Iron Logic door RFID locks in “Office” or “Hotel” mode. RF-1996 reader can working with one lock only at the same time.

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Dimensions 110 × 80 × 24 mm


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