Guard Light


+ Competitive price
+ Automatically search for the controller and assigned network address
+ Time and Attendance
+ Intuitive management

Technical specification:

– Set the controller (Auto Sync memory controller with base maps, time synchronization)
– Remote controller (door opening from the computer)
– At the same time working with all available network controllers
– Mode of multi-track time
– The ability to create groups of employees
– Support for multiple cards for each employee
– Takes into account the lunch break for each department
– Provide tabular and graphical reports on labor discipline and working hours
– Shows the location of employees in real time
– Supports desktop reader Z-2 USB for data base building
– base import by “Guard Commander”
– export of base to XML
– export of time keeping sheets Excel


Time management system Guard Light is designed to account for the time of arrival, departure and movement of staff during working hours. In addition, the system provides control of passage through the door, which uses a controller with locks.

Is provided as follows, each employee ID cards are dealt or keychains (IDs). Coming into or going out of the room, every employee must bring ID to the reader, the controller receiving the card code, gives a command to release the door lock, if installed. Thus, records the time and the direction of the passage of the worker.

Guard Light System allows you to:
• Develop monthly, weekly and daily reports on the duration of the actual location of the work of employees;
• identify breaches of labor discipline;
• The current position of the employee;
• graphically display the movement of staff during the day;
• rapidly changing display position of the employee;
• Block the card the employee for a specified period, for example, in the care of his leave;
• With the help of pop-up windows to inform the movement of employees.

At this point of time is available for download “Guard Light”.
Following hardware is supportet:
•1• desktop reader Z-2 USB
•2• converter Z-397 Guard. Need to switch jumper to “Adwanced” mode.
•3• network controller Guard-Net
•4• network controller Z-5R Net ( Z-5R Net 8000 )
•5• network controller/reader Matrix-II Net
•6• exit button
•7• readers
•8• turnstille and automatic barriers
•9• locks


License Price
2L – for 2 points + 10 cards Free
1/50L – 1 controller + 50 cards $24.77
1/100L – 1 controller + 100 cards $60.54
1/250L – 1 controller + 250 cards $79.46
1/1000L – 1 controller + 1000 cards $162.70
1/2000L – 1 controller + 2000 cards $227.03
5/100L – 5 controllers + 100 cards $140.00
10/250L – 10 controllers + 250 cards $359.46
10/2000L – 10 controllers + 2000 cards $783.24