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Main characteristics:
+ Free of charge
+ Demo source codes

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Header files for programming languages: Delphi, Visual C ++, C # and Borland C ++ Examples of the source on Delphi, Visual C ++, C # and Borland C ++ SDK is a library of functions (Native API), is not the COM-object has a 32- and 64-bit version.


This SDK is designed for the rapid development of software developers all the nuances of working with readers Z-2 USB, Matrix-III RD-ALL, Z-2 USB MF, Matrix-III Net reducing the total cost of the integration of these products into the target system user. The SDK contains everything you need to build working model for the integration of the target system. We give source code that demonstrate reading and writing cards Mifare UL and reading cards’ numbers EM-Marine, Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, as well as reading and writing T5557 card (for Z-2USB reader).

SDK supports the equipment:
•1• Reader Z-2 USB
•2• Reader Matrix III RD-ALL
•3• Reader Z-2 USB MF
•4• Adapter Z-2 EHR
•5• Reader Matrix III NET
•6• Converter Z-397 GUARD
•7• Cards & Tags

Network ACS Example