SDK Guard


Main characteristics:
+ Free of charge
+ Demo source codes

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Header files for: Delphi, Visual C++, C# и Borland C++
Demo source codes for Delphi, Visual C++, C# and Borland C++
SDK is set of dynamic link libraries (Native API), not a COM object, 32- and 64-versions are avaliable.


SDK Guard is designed to facilitate and accelerate the integration of network controllers IronLogic with existing or newly created software systems, such as time and attendance or access control. The basis of SDK is a DLL and communication driver program to allow exchange of information with the controllers listed above on a network via the RS-485 Converter Z-397 Guard or Z-397WEB. Developers can immediately begin creating target software without spending time to study communication protocols and writing their own programs communication. Examples with source code included with the SDK allows you to quickly master the operation and management of networks of controllers, their work and receive the contents of the event memory. Guard Easy demo kit will help quickly and without errors to deploy a system of several controllers IronLogic integrated RS-485 just a few minutes online.

SDK supports the equipment:
•1• Converter Z-397 Web or Z-397 Guard
•2• Network controller Guard-Net
•3• Network controller Z-5R Net or Z-5 Net 8000
•4• Network controller/reader Matrix-II Net
•5• Network lock Eurolock EHT net
•6• Network controller Z-5R Web

Network ACS Example