FID Card Mifare Clamshell 13.56MHz


+ No copy possible
+ Encryption supported
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Technical specification:

Chip type: Mifare S50, standard ISO14443A
Operating Frequency: 13,56 Mhz
Card Type: Read / Write
Transaction time: 164 ms
Anticollision support: Yes
Memory size: 1024 bytes, EEPROM
Color: white
Operating temperature: -30 ° C … +75 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C … +85 ° C
Dimensions (mm):86х54х1.6


Smart card size Clamshell standard Mifare c memory 1024 bytes. With rewritable up to 100 000 cycles. Anticollision support, data storage of up to 10 years. MIFARE classic family is the most widespread contactless kriptozaschischennyh card has a range 13.56MGTS, compatible with ISO 14443A. Application, payment systems, access control, transport cards, discount system, loyalty programs, etc.